Since 1976, Xeda International S.A. works on products dedicated to pre and post harvest of fruits and vegetables, on labelling, and application machines.


Our machines allow to use differents treatments process : through a drencher of fruits and vegetables in their boxes, or thermo nebulization (a fog of active substance).


Xeda International, Its also labeling of fruits and vegetables by our affiliate : Eurolabel 06.

Our products

From citrus fruits, stone fruits, to potatoes, we try to propose a large range of products to prepare your harvests or storages.

Because environment is at the heart of our worries, Xeda International S.A. has developped a range of phytosanitory products, dedicated to biological agriculture, or with low environment impact (LEI) : the green line.

Our products are adapted as for a post harvest treatments of fruits and vegetables than for aerosols spays in confined spaces (Electrofog®, thermonebulisation).

Xeda International S.A. does products said « phytosanirary », to prepare the lands.
The properties are antioxidant, nematicide, fungicide, anti bacterials or anti sprouting as Biox M, the natural antisprouting essentiel oil mint.

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Xeda International S.A., It’s also waxes which coat your apples to keep it fresh, giving It brightness and radiance.


Xeda proposes also machines and technologies adapted for the thermical treatment of fruits and vegetables, alone or associated to our range of products. Electrofog® and Xedavap® are examples, allowing the spread of this products.


Since 1989, Euro-label 06 labels your fruits and vegetables. From the design and size selection to the printing process : all is thought according to your demands.

The company also allows to rent or buy machines : manuals electronics, or pneumatics.