BIOX-M® : new homologation in Serbia

10 Jun 2020 | Uncategorized

Mint oil, that you can use in biological agriculture, allows to naturally fight against sprouting of potatoes. This product has been developped by our teams, in a way to bring a deep expertise to post harvest treatments.

BIOX-M® allows to fight against sprout development on potatoes.

Studies shown that BIOX-M® doesn’t have any impact on culinary aptitude, even taste. It’s a good way to not use CIPC.

BIOX-M® is applied by thermonebulization, to have a better control of sprouting along potatoes storage. This fog created also allows to have a best coasting of the tubers.


In february 2020, It was the Serbia turn to use BIOX-M® as anti sprouting treatment of potatoes.

Approval of distribution and application of pharmaceutical products n°PA01355 – BIOX-M® AMM n°2100194